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Especially developed to store masses of sensor data, Sense is setting new standards for professional signal- & data storage web-based.

In 2004, S&S Systems started to build a web-based data acquisition system suitable to log hundreds of industrial signals per second. This system crunched millions of data-points and displayed it via web-based Java applications long before buzzwords like "the Cloud" and "Big Data" came into view.


Nowadays you'll find many Sense "copies" even with names using the phrase "Sense". Often preluded by an other word.


Since that day development of our unique way of sensor data storage never stopped. Today Sense is one of the standard setting web-based historians that actively is promoted by government related non-profit projects like Smart Dairy Farming and Floodcontrol (NL: Ijkdijk).

Several industries and service providers build their business and products based on Sense. On top of Sense we build several visualisations e.g.

  • Long-term (several years) data (e.g. surface water levels, weather, geophysical data).
  • High-speed data, up to GHz (e.g. vibrations, controls, sound).
  • 3D-modelling.
  • Dashboards.

Big Data governs all kind of data, often containing large binary objects like images, movies and sound. Although we process all these kind of data at S&S Systems

Sense is specially developed to process sensor data e.g:

  • Temperature,
  • Humidity,
  • Weather data,
  • Material flows (goods)
  • Flows (fluids & gas)
  • PLC data
  • Production parameters
  • Accellerometers
  • Inclination (tilt meters)
  • Health care (hearth beat, blood pressure, ...)
  • Climate Control
  • Power consumption
  • ...