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S&S Systems delivers ANDON board for Emerson Automation Solutions

In close and very pleasant cooperation between Emerson and S&S Systems we delivered a revolutionary multi-level interactive ANDON board to optimize their production flow.

Emerson Automation Solutions, part of Emerson Inc. worldwide, is a global Fortune 500 production company that brings together technology and technics to offer innovative total solutions to their customers. The unit in Ede, The Netherlands, provides Customer Service, Assembly and the logistic processes for Flow products in Europe, and more. Emerson wanted to improve the production flow on the workfloor by using visual, automated information supply. This way employees can see for themselves how they perform, what targets to meet and where production buffers are overloading, so they can better judge where extra support is needed. With great effort and teamwork with Emerson S&S Systems delivered an interactive ANDON-board.


While Emerson employees are very happy with the result, the real added value of S&S Systems was that our ANDON specialists could translate the information demands into the best visual representation, while our data specialists worked on the business logic that controls the ANDON board. This multi-level ANDON board functions as dashboard in several production areas and at the same time the on-demand web-technology enables the same board to function as details order flow management tool. Emerson and S&S Systems applied the agile development method to get results in record breaking time.


Team Emerson: Thanks for the pleasant cooperation!