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Examples of some of our O.E.E. design documents

System integration and performance monitoring of individual machines or their coherence, in sometimes, old industries, always require customs solutions.

Many of our customers enquire an estimated project price based on a first visit, conversation or even during a first telephone call.

Given the sheer variety of machines, logistics and infrastructures we encounter, and have to integrate, providing a price at first glance is considered "not done"

Instead we offer a site survey to map and report technical possibilities, the companies needs and requirements. This via interviews, surveying the machines and the site it's infrastructure.

This site survey leads to a clear report providing the solution to your problem accompanied by a fitting and realistic offer. In this way new companies get to know our thorough way of working without the risk of an budgetary disaster.

A realistic OEE, its design and fitting offer should start with a proper investigation of the company 's need and the technological possibilities. Please view the examples listed below to get an impression of the design reports in the first step towards a valuable OEE.