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Prevent all actions and efforts that add no value to your product. Next to quality, optimization of internal logistics is one of the keys to success. Communication plays a starring role.

The digital signboard signals the status of a working station. An Alert can be triggered by hand or automatically by the machines. An Andonboard informs Management, maintenance and operators about the current status of a process.

The Andonboard is a centre element of the by Toyota implemented Jidoka quality-control. Hence a important part of the LEAN approach.

The S&S Andonboard stores the history of the diverse states from all machines. By clicking on a block the complete history is showed.

Since the history is stored, our Andonboard is a fundamental source for your O.E.E. (Overall Equipment Efficiency)

Andonboards are valuable for:

  • Production (Any Kind)
  • Logistics & Distribution
  • Health Care
  • IT-services
  • Traffic control
  • etc.