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IoM and Predictive Maintenance

Of course everybody is familiar with the IoT (Internet of Things) term. But for industry and their suppliers somehow this seems not to relate to them. In that case Internet of Machines (IoM) might be a better term.


IoT is often associated with the connection of the dishwasher and your refrigerator to the Internet, but that is not the complete story. It's all about data. Big data. It is about data that a production machine can provide and what you and your business can do with it.

The data provided by Machines is collected on big data cloud systems and analyzed with help of machine learning or Artificial Intelligence systems. This leads to benefits for owner and supplier. Especially in the field of predictive maintenance and energy consumption. Machine suppliers can offer better affordable and more fine grained service level agreements. 

S&S systems can be your guide in connecting your machines to the Internet, improve the service levels towards your customer and develop new service models to sell. 

S&S Systems has a complete secure solution for IoM-based control and data-collection of any machine at any location in the world. We use existing infrastructure or can use 2/3/4G/LTE or LORA technology. We manage and maintain multiple networks of remote sensors and collect and process the data with advanced algorithms on our cloud servers and return the processed results into your own IT infrastructure.