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We've done it again

If all ICT integration paths fail... just get back to the old-fashioned solder iron.


Despite all promising plug-and-play integration sales pitches, quite a few highly profitable operating machines simply can not be integrated on a software-level alone.

 Invoked by our slogan "If we can't do it... you better forget about it" a distinguished producer of molded plastics for car manufacturers like Mercedes, Volvo and Scania challenged us to tap into the vintage rock solid serial communications port of these machines to open up a dataflow that is directly send to the intelligent enerGQ software.

That is, not intelligent because we were involved in the making of this system (it helps!)  but they are using real-time AI software used on top of our Sense big data storage.

Have a look at these guys.. they have some really clever solutions that will you help save energy and even prevent you from machine downtime!

Oh and I almost forgot ... this integration started by indeed opening up the PLC-cabinet and heating up the solder iron!   ... job done!