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3rd generation Andon board in the Cloud

The ultimate communication tool that brings man, machine and business processes together.


Miscommunication and internal logistics are the two greatest losses within industry and logistics.


The Andon board visualizes the state of all critical processes and departments, including machines and buffers inbetween.


Using our Cloud-solution, installing new Andon Boards is very easy, at only a fraction of usual costs.


Our Andon board is really on-demand, using the app on your smartphone.


With only a few clicks at our Andon-online webpage you can create your own Andon board.


Changing the board-state can be performed through ERP-systems, PLC´s, PC´s, analogue circuits or simply manually.


Using our Andon-boards can be the beginning or perfection of OEE-implementation.


For more information, please check: Andon.