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New Data Distribution Outdoor Cabinet

Successful installation took place at a dyke collapse testing facility for the Rijnland District Water Control Board



Our multipurpose data collection and distribution control cabinet contains data telecommunications controls, active monitored UPS, managed PoE switches, data-server capacities, Power Over Ethernet, Fieldbus power supplies and is CE compatible.

On Order of StabiAlert, S&S Systems designed, build and installed this cabinet at the Leendert de BoersPolder dyke collapse facilities for the Rijnland District Water Control Board. In this unique facility one will see several men-triggered dyke-collapses within thew next few motnhs. In this facility the Dutch Water Boards are looking for the best instrumentation that will be able to tell if a dyke is likely to collapse, in a stage as early as possible. A favorite candidate to detect abnormal deformation is StabiAlert.


For more information, please check: Control Cabinets.