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International rollout ProMISe

Our Continuous Improvement tool ProMISe will be used at all sheet converters in Europe of Finnish Pyroll Converting Group.

Continuous Improvement as working method

2,5 years ago at Pyroll Winschoten Ltd., a big paperboard converter in Winschoten, the Netherlands, S&S Systems gradually started proces optimization by Continuous Improvement using our tool ProMISe. First with one machine and almost one year later with all machines. Combined with system integration all disruptions in the production process are registered manually as well as automatically. By collecting this data it became clear where most of the downtime was and what its root cause was, so that it could be permanently removed. Also the awareness of the partially hidden losses has increased enormously. By encouraging the staff to register all disruptions as good as possible on a daily basis and to come up with improvement proposals, an improvement culture was created, ultimately resulting in enormous efficiency gains and cost savings. Recently Pyroll Winschoten BV even won the "Improver of the year" award among the five Pyroll Converting service centers in Europe! Read more about it.

International rollout

Data driven management and Continuous Improvement as a working method have proven to be so successful in Winschoten, that the board of the Pyroll Converting head office in Finland has decided to deploy ProMISe at all its factories; in Finland, Germany and Poland. System integration will be used with all machines for automatic registration of disruptions. The plan is to go operational this summer.