Gasunie, Groningen, the Netherlands

Dutch natural gas distributor.


Asset Management: Pipe health & Integrity.

In close cooperation with the pipe integrity departments we executed a study to how to implement modern web-based solutions that would prevent data loss and prevent double activities at excavations of corroded pipelines. A complete new structure of data storage was introduced.

StabiAlert, Groningen, the Netherlands

Structural Health Monitoring.


The StabiAlert system records hundred times per second to a twenty-five thousandth degree accuracy subsidence, deformation, vibration and change in angle of all possible objects. Their system can also be used for rise- and subsidence mapping of large area’s.
The collected data is sent over the internet to a database, and the history of all movements is recorded. The software, developed by S&S Systems, makes it possible for customers to watch the status of an object in real time via the internet. In addition to this active monitoring the system can send automated email- or SMS alerts. Unusual situations and incidents are reported to customers within fifteen seconds after an event has occurred.

Prysmian Group, the Netherlands

ANDON LEAN process monitoring / TROY SAP/MES Middleware connector.


Prysmian uses the advanced ANDON digital signal-board from S&S Systems to assist in their LEAN optimizations. By being able to signal factory-wide the status of the plant quickly, especially stagnation at bottlenecks, makes everyone keep the focus on the really important things: keep production at bottlenecks at maximum speed.

Prysmian has in all its Dutch factories an in-house made MES. The communication with SAP is established via the advanced S&S TROY SAP middleware. Using specialized RFC's and BAPI's for getting and sending information from/to SAP, SAP can also request information from TROY. Advanced scheduling with multi-level batch-processing keeps the MES-/SCADA-systems up-to-date. Important modifications made in SAP are immediately past on to TROY by SAP. Depending on the information from SAP, TROY can trigger numerous actions on MES-/SCADA-level. 

Stago, Hoorn, the Netherlands

O.E.E. / N.E.E. consultancy and implementation.


Stago Hoorn is a manufacturer of cable trunking systems.


Real-time monitoring the performance of their extensive collection of production machines by means of a standardized Overall Equipment Efficiency index, will enable Stago to increase production output and raise quality levels. With this information Stago can plan their machine occupation better than before, and identify any production bottlenecks clearly and early.

Nedmag Industries, Veendam, the Netherlands

Preparations for reduction of offstream periods, load testing OPC, LAN and CPU.


Nedmag Industries is a world leading producer of Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Chloride, Magnesium Hydroxide and Calcium Chloride. Products used in the cement and steel industry, textile finishing, catalyst production and many other applications.

For this company S&S Systems designed the concept of the TagToolBox. A web based add-on for the S&S MIS to dynamically define downtime.

To prove this concept workable, S&S Systems did some on-site load testing on the SCADA servers to measure CPU load and LAN load while reading hundreds of measures per second via OPC connection.

KBM Master Alloys, Delfzijl, the Netherlands

Industrial Data Acquisition System "Sense".


The complete design and realization of a data-acquisition system and visualization tools. Based on a factory wide RS-485 bus. The only non-FIBREGLASS system that can cope with extreme disturbance from electromagnetic interference. The system is run-time expandable and modifiable. All warnings are done by e-mail and are voice supported in the operator room (OPERATOR’S remark: "I feel like captain Kirk."). Web based clients visualize the situation at the shop floor in real time. In addition we converted the Token-Ring network into ethernet.

Wet & Pure Technology BV, Drachten, the Netherlands

WebSCADA process control.


Web based process control via the GSM network of mobile wastewater purification installations. Process control by Industrial Personal Computers and JAVA on a SuSE LINUX operating system. The process servers are worldwide connected with a central history server with gateways from the internet to the mobile net. Visual control by means of small web-cams.